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  • I love your company thanks😀

  • I wish the shoe was a little more flexible for board feel. I really don’t care for how the laces look on the shoe. The laces feel out of place. The shoe is comfortable and seems to be very durable. I am going to skate them more to further critique the durability and board feel. As of now they seem ok.

    I have the all black Donny’s. One thing I notice is that all the skaters I show them too don’t care for the look of the shoe with the laces. I showed them the slip on shoes online and people were liking those. I am wanting to get behind an independent brand since the brand I was following and skating went out of business. I guess I will have to try a pair of the slip on shoes and see if I like them.

    Much blessings and I hope the brand has a lot of success!

    Joe Harris

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